Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance (CII) is coverage that can help Canadians or those living in Canada pay the additional costs associated with life-altering illnesses like cancer, stroke, heart attack and dementia.

Here’s a look at the 26 full-payout illnesses covered under Sun Critical Illness Insurance for adults. There are also 8 partial-payout illnesses covered under this plan.

26 full-payout illnesses

There are 26 illnesses eligible for full-benefit payout automatically included in Sun Critical Illness Insurance.

8 partial-payout illnesses

There are 8 illnesses eligible for partial-benefit payout included in Sun Critical Illness Insurance. These are illnesses where treatment is less severe yet very effective in managing the illness.
Each partial payout illness in this list is eligible for a benefit payment equal to 15% of the critical illness insurance coverage amount, to a maximum of $50,000 per illness. You can claim once per illness, to a maximum of 4 partial payments. Your Sun Critical Illness Insurance policy remains in place and the partial payment does not reduce the total coverage amount you chose.