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Why choosing Star Choice Financial

Star Choice Financial Group Inc. is a professional team composed of local certified public accountants, investment and wealth management experts, fund managers, real estate elites, etc., with Eastern and Western educational backgrounds and rich local Canadian experience to ensure professional standards and service quality. We have provided resettlement, property, financial advice and services to thousands of new immigrant families, and tailored financial plans for them.

    The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and has branches or partners in Vancouver, London, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and other cities; it also has many partners in Shanghai, China and other cities.

    Star Choice Financial Group has been serving the Chinese community for more than ten years, and has won the respect and trust of new and old immigrants for its professional services and outstanding reputation. Today, it has become a company that provides new immigrants with authoritative financial services such as settlement, schooling, property purchase, tax consulting and planning, education savings funds, investment, and various types of insurance.

    Star Choice Financial Group is committed to building a complete business platform for new and old immigrants with innovative models and diversified service concepts, creating a new life for immigrants, and providing more professional and comprehensive high-quality services.